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Wroclaw – the city of dwarfs, polish venice or just a city full of charm?

City humorously referred to as ‘polish venice’ or ‘the city of dwarfs’ has irresistible charm. Undoubtedly, it’s a city of young people, students, people with variety of interests, a city of music and theatre. Considering all those factors, justifiably Wroclaw has become the European Capital of Culture 2016.

Wroclaw – the city of bridges and charming streets

Wroclaw can be sightseen in a few ways. First way could be called ‘as a typical tourist’, and it will focus on the search for the Dwarfs. Somebody who is in Wroclaw for the first time will find it extremely useful since it is a tour through the most significant tourist destinations of the city. You’ll walk through bridges, Market Square, Słodowa Island and less known, yet charming little streets (don’t forget to find the Scout dwarf there!). You can either find and download the app for your smartphone which will help you to find the Dwarfs, or just ask the inhabitants of Wroclaw who will be likely not only to tell you where to find them, but also to tell you their story… and a few more stories. Maybe you’ll be told the legend of the Dumpling Gate?

Wrocław – the city of culture

Second way of sightseeing of Wroclaw is strictly connected to the events taking place there. The city, as the European Capital of Culture, provides a wide range of cultural events, for instance the biggest Polish film festival – New Horizons International Film Festival. Screenings of around 350 films from 50 countries are scheduled for this year’s edition. Moreover, it’s worth to mention the Panorama section which consists of independent cinematography – award-winning films successful at both bigger and smaller film festivals. Third Eye section which has a subtitle #selfie: film self-portraits will show you the difference between selfie and classical self-portrait and also how artists manifest their personalities on screen. When it comes to New Horizons in Film Language the main topic is focused on costumes. Film amateurs of cinematography might find the festival worth attending. When it comes to music on the festival, its music scene is focused on New Wave, electronic and instrumental music. Festival takes place from July 23rd to August 2nd. Complete list of the events can be found on Wroclaw’s website.

Wrocław – the city of the Central European Jamboree

There’s also the third (and the most recommended way for you) – Central European Jamboree. The motto of Jamboree in 2016 is ‘the art of scouting’. We believe that art is something that connects everyone, and the venue of the Jamboree aids creativity. You can find an unforgettable fusion of history and modernity here in Wroclaw. A wide range of cultural events such as concerts, festivals, workshops held by professionals will take place during CEJ. Participants will have a chance to attend workshops in central points of Jamboree, where they will work on their abilities or find a new hobby – amongst cooking, sport trainings, canoeing, circus classes and so on. CEJ is not only the way of sightseeing Wroclaw but also a very unique tour through the region of Lower Silesia.

Text by Martyna Radomska