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The most polish…

The most polish word

Żółć – why did we choose it? Because this word consists of 4 typically Polish letters! There is no other word like this in our language. Żółć is a name of the colour – yellow.

The most polish dish

With vegetables, sweet or with meat. This dish can be prepared in many ways – probably because everyone likes it. Although it is also popular in Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, China and Japan, it is considered as the most Polish dish. It is of course about… pierogi! They were served already in the old history, probably since the thirteenth century. Today the majority of Poles, but also foreigners, if asked about the most Polish food, will answer – pierogi!

The most polish animal

The white stork is the most Polish bird. In 2004 it was estimated that there were over 50 thousand pairs of these birds in Poland so every fourth stork in Europe was Polish. These are migratory birds – for the winter they fly back to Africa. But when it starts to get warm, they return to Poland and are the first sign of the coming spring. It is primarily a symbol of fertility and happiness. In the past people believed that storks bring children and this theme is used in children’s fairy tales until today.

The most polish fruit

Apples are the best of all Polish fruits. Our country is the largest in Europe and the third largest in the world producers of apples. Around 100 varieties of this fruit grow in our orchards and every Pole eats in average 13 kg apples per year. The first apple trees were grown in Poland al-ready in the sixteenth century and nowadays apples are still the most popular fruits and the symbol of our country.

The most polish souvenir

As a Baltic country, Poland is full of souvenirs from the sea. The most famous one is a small, yellowish brown, transparent stone – amber, which you can find on the beach, if you are lucky. You can also buy it in many forms. Artists use it when making jewellery, figurines or pictures. In Poland, the earth still conceals more than 1,000 tons of this stone! For ages Gdańsk has been the European capital of amber.

The most polish character trait

Polish hospitality is a legendary feature. It was typical for Polish people already in the ancient times. Hosting pilgrims and travelers in a house was a sign of great pleasantry, and the hospitality was just a badge of honor. Even nowadays, Poles are eager to help, entertain their guest and make feel comfortable. The Polish proverb says: “Guest in house, God in house!”.

Text by Katarzyna Świejkowska