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Did you know…?

We are sure that you have heard a lot of stereotype stories about Poland. Here are some interesting facts that will show you that our country is something more!

Aleksander Wolszczan, Polish as-trophysicist, discovered the first planet outside the solar system. Currently he is a professor at Pennsylvania University in USA and at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland. And by the way, Copernicus who discovered that Earth goes around the Sun (not the other way…) was Polish too!
In the history of reaching the eight-thousanders, also many Poles appear, men and women as well. Kinga Baranowska is a polish mountaineer who reached eight peaks. Currently she participates in the “Women’s Himalayan Crown” programme. Her goal is to reach all 14 eight-thou-sanders without supplemental oxygen.
It may seem strange, but there is a trail of volcanoes in Poland. Of course, these are extinct volcanoes. It is an extremely attractive route passing through Pogórze Kaczawskie and its volcanic landscape. This area is rich in fauna and flora and is strongly recommended to be visited.
Every fifth apple on the European table comes from Polish orchards. Poland is the third largest producer of apples in the world, and the first in Europe!
Polish cinema called „Pioneer” located in the city of Szczecin is the oldest continuously working cinema in the world. It was built in 1909 and currently has two projection rooms.
Świętokrzyskie Mountains (Holy Cross Mountains), next to the Sudety, are one of the oldest mountain ranges in Poland and Europe. The landscape of the highest parts of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains is characterized by steep slopes and deeply incised valleys, rocks and monadnocks. Holy Cross Mountains are covered with forests of fir and beech. The famous Świętokrzyski National Park is also there.

Text by Katarzyna Świejkowska