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Poland various regions, various faces

Everyone will agree that every country is diverse. There are differences between the behavior of people living in the east and west coast of the us. It is generally known that the north part of France is characterised by a different dialect and specific way

The most famous polish sights

„How did I get here? I made a black and white film about the need for silence, withdrawal from the world and contemplation, and now I'm here - in the epicenter of noise and world’s attention. Life is full of surprises”. A unesco world heritage

Did you know…?

We are sure that you have heard a lot of stereotype stories about Poland. Here are some interesting facts that will show you that our country is something more! Aleksander Wolszczan, Polish as-trophysicist, discovered the first planet outside the solar system. Currently he is a

Polish Seaside

Almost every Pole will confirm that the Polish seaside and the Baltic Sea are the places to be during holidays. Let me take you on a journey along the Polish coast. Along with high desert sands and cliffs. A landscape of shipyards, marinas and city

Observatory on a forest clearing

EnglishFrenchEnglish Far from city lights and busy roads, among the forests of Pogórze Karpackie, there is a private astronomical observatory – the largest such observatory in Poland, the second largest in Europe. If the weather allows, the best way to reach it is by hiking along

Middle Roztocze – A Magical Land

EnglishFrenchEnglish With more than a hundred sunny days a year, delicious onion cakes, loess ravines and (not really wuthering) heights. We just need to add the incredibly hospitable and helpful farmers from the nearby villages and children who can turn a simple stick into a

Katowice. City of encourage

EnglishFrenchEnglish Just a few years ago Katowice was a somewhat sad, gray place with old steelworks and closed mines as the main features of the landscape. Now it is a vibrant city, full of life, culture, music and colours. It has changed entirely and is

Have you heard about Giewont?

Giewont is a famous mountain massif, looking down at Zakopane. It is not only an important part of the landscape but also a site of religious pilgrimages and the resting place of the legendary knights. Giewont is a mountain massif in the Western Tatras with