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Did you know…?

We are sure that you have heard a lot of stereotype stories about Poland. Here are some interesting facts that will show you that our country is something more! Aleksander Wolszczan, Polish as-trophysicist, discovered the first planet outside the solar system. Currently he is a

Paweł Pawlikowski

„How did I get here? I made a black and white film about the need for silence, withdrawal from the world and contemplation, and now I'm here - in the epicenter of noise and world’s attention. Life is full of surprises”. These are words spoken

Stanisław Lem

EnglishFrenchEnglish Stanislaw Lem is an author of science-fiction, satire and philosophy books. His words are known all over the world – they were translated into 41 languages which make him most translated Polish author. Lem was born in Lviv in 1921 (that time Lviv was

Ryszard Kapuściński

EnglishFrenchEnglish Ryszard Kapuściński was a Polish journalist, photographer, poet and reporter working abroad. He is known mainly for his books written on the topics concerning Africa in the 1960s and 1970s. Kapuściński had an incredible way with words. Even though the topic of his books usually revolved

Jacek Kaczmarski’s Memory

EnglishFrenchEnglish Jacek Kaczmarski was a Polish poet, composer and artist. He died 12 years ago although his fans are still fighting with the stereotyping and generalising of his poems. He wrote about social and existential problems but he is most known for writing about historical

Danuta Szaflarska

At first, there was “Zakazane piosenki” (Forbidden songs) and the role of Halina Tokarska, followed several years later by “Pożegnanie z Marią” (Farewell to Mary) and the character of the doctor’s wife and then “Pora umierać” (Time to die) where she slipped into the famous

Agnieszka Osiecka

EnglishFrenchEnglish For me, it’s close from the heart to the paper – Agnieszka Osiecka, Rozmowy w tańcu (1992). Agnieszka Osiecka was undoubtedly a truly amazing person. She wrote approximately 2000 songs and as many short stories, essays, feuilletons, reportages, screenplays and books. In 1972 she