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Poland various regions, various faces

Everyone will agree that every country is diverse. There are differences between the behavior of people living in the east and west coast of the us. It is generally known that the north part of France is characterised by a different dialect and specific way

The most polish…

The most polish word Żółć – why did we choose it? Because this word consists of 4 typically Polish letters! There is no other word like this in our language. Żółć is a name of the colour – yellow. The most polish dish With vegetables,

Did you know…?

We are sure that you have heard a lot of stereotype stories about Poland. Here are some interesting facts that will show you that our country is something more! Aleksander Wolszczan, Polish as-trophysicist, discovered the first planet outside the solar system. Currently he is a

Kashubian history

The Kashubians are a true ethnic minority, distinct from the Poles in both language and culture. Originally western Slavs with ethnic links to the Poles, the Kashubians are believed to have settled in the area around 1,500 years ago, although the first records date from

About Kashubia

Kashubians – Kaszëbi – are a West Slavic ethnic group and one of the biggest ethnic groups in Poland. Kashubians typically live in Gdańsk Pomerania in north-central Poland. History Kashubians descend from the Slavic Pomeranian tribes and were first mentioned when Pope Gregor IX wrote